Thursday, August 16, 2012

Simple Trick To Lock Your Computer

 This is the simple, easy trick to lock your computer.It is very important to lock your computer when you have to leave your computer for some time, especially when you are in company or college.
Generally, to lock your computer you have to do following procedure every time: Go to "Start--> Shut Down --> Lock". As shown below :

    But today i am going to show the easier way than this. In this trick we are going to create a shortcut on desktop or you can also lock your computer by pressing "Window Key+L" only.
Let's Start : 
1) Right Click on desktop-->choose "new"-->"shortcut". The shortcut wizard will open.
 2) Type the following text in TextBox :
%windir%\\System32\\rundll32.exe user32.dll,LockWorkStation
 3) Click Next. Then Type the name for shortcut e.g. lock.
 4) Click "Finish". A shortcut icon will appear on your desktop. Now to lock your computer just double click on "lock" shortcut.
5) Another simple and best way to lock your computer is "WindowsKey+L".
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